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Our family is working on real food for “your table and ours!”

This journey was a bit of a crooked path, I have battled with preservative intolerance’s since a child. They really flared up after our 2nd child. I was having to carry an epi-pen in case. Then a diagnosis of cancer gave me a “soul awakening”, “What am I doing… to myself and what will happen to my family…?” I dug deep and choose a life of “love, simplicity & joy”. I know that sounds corny, but locking yourself in a closet and telling yourself I am going to "LIVE”, is pretty big. I have had moments of “this is too tough, many of tears and yet feeling great failure of creating this life.” Honestly I’ve gotten in the car and thought I can just drive away from this right, but a deep breath and potentially a roaring body scream and yes buckets of tears and I have made my way here. This journey started with me digging deep into my soul and courageously my family has excitedly joined in. They have all added their additions to our life of growing things simply and in abundance for our table. We have some what mastered our table, and now have abundance to share with others. All that has lead us to where we are now living with “love, simplicity & joy” here at the Paddock.

We get up each and everyday to do what nourishes our family and yours, we all get out in the fresh air and tend to our animals and garden with love.  Each season has us all working together on raising meat goats, chickens, turkeys and pigs, along with pasture based eggs and a Big Ol' Garden.



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Our family

Happiness is a Circle or Semi Circle in our case.

Visitors Words

The secluded setting made this farm feel like a homestead, with no neighbour in sight, while surrounded by beautiful fields.
— Jennifer Larson

Sneak a Peak through our window.

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About Us

Amy, Kevin & the Squad

I am a mother of 4 boys ages 14-6, wife to my dear husband & best friend Kevin, farmer, housekeeper, soil lover, animal keeper, meal maker, sports transporter service, community volunteer & homeschooler.  We moved to our quarter of land 4 years ago in 2014 and have built it up from the bald hill it was. My goal in this was to provide as much food for our family as we could and reduce the need for highly preserved foods, which I am very sensitive to. From this we have found that we are increasing our bonds with each other, the earth and our overall health is benefiting as well. We have also found that there are other families like us who are looking for Real food produced locally so our path now welcomes you to our Farm.