Our Pastured Based Food Includes



Ryder & Henny.jpg

We have a flock of eclectic free range hens who enjoy the sun & wind in their feathers. These girls roam freely around our paddocks and yard scratching the ground, being real chicken like. We collect eggs once a day and have a order list with deliveries once a week.

Contact us as will.o.the.wisp.paddocks@gmail.com for info on our WOW Eggs



We raise our pigs in the ‘pig way’. Their days are spent in grass paddocks where they can run, rut & slumber as a pig likes. We move them to new grass as they need. The pigs welcome their daily ration of farm raised and ground chop. We enjoy the dark red meat that is produced from their daily movement. The pigs are enjoyed by everyone on the farm and are referred to as ‘Pig-Pig’, which they squeal back in piggy ‘glee’ to us.




We currently have 2 hives, the bees are such a benefit and a treat to have here at the farm. If you’ve ever had the joy of having a conversation with me regarding the bees, I have more than a few amateur anecdotes of hilarity to share regarding them. The Bees are beneficial to us in many ways here, and we sure enjoy their liquid gold.

Chickens & Turkeys

The Spring is really “peepy” here with our Meat chicks in their Pools of warmth. At 6 weeks they move out into the open air Chicken tractors to enjoy new grass, bugs, dirt and farm raised chicken food 2X daily. These chickens are raised to a size that will feed a family of 6 with left overs for Delicious Chicken sandwiches, Chicken Pot Pie or a Meat Pie and a Warm Chicken Noodle Soup.

Gobble Gobble.jpg

The Turkeys are raised with the Peepy chicks in the beginning (the turkeys are taught to eat and drink by the little chicks), then transition out to their Turkey Kingdom Pens. These gobblers are a real treat to see everyday. They are raised in the same format as the chickens with daily moves and farm raised food. As the Turkey get larger they get more freedom in the larger paddocks. We raise them to mid 20lb range, which is more than enough for a Large Thanksgiving or Christmas crowd with those delicious leftovers to enjoy.

To have a Chicken or Turkey on your table to enjoy


Whether you are looking for some variety in your freezer with the easy recipes we’ll send you home with your order of goat, your taste buds will be surprised and excited by this new addition to your menu. With nutritional benefits similar to chicken this is a great option for anyone.


We also offer Registered Breeding Stock of Kikos for those interested in adding a goat to their own farm.